This recent dinner experience at a prominent hotel chain’s restaurant speaks for itself!

See if you can pick out how many things are wrong with this picture…

Me: “I think I’d like to start out with a Casar’s Salad…”

Waitress: “What kind of dressing would you like with that?”

* awkward silence *

Me: “What are my options?”

*waitress pauses to consider my question for a moment*

Waitress: “Pretty much Casar… That’s it.”

* awkward silence *

Me: “Ok. I’ll go with the Caesar dressing.”

Me: “I’d also like the crab cake appetizer.”

* waitress pauses for a moment *

Waitress: “You do realize that the crab cake appetizer is an appetizer, right?”

Me: “Ummm… yeah.”

Waitress: “Just making sure.”

*waitress departs, people at next table are crying with suppressed laughter*

* waitress returns approximately 10 minutes later *

Waitress: “Would you like something to drink?”

* Note: I’ve been at the table for about 20 minutes total before being asked about a drink selection *

Me: “What are your soft drink choices?”

Waitress: “We have a full bar so we pretty much have everything.”

Me: “Ok, I’ll have a Coke.”

Waitress: “We don’t serve Coke products.”

* I begin to look around for a hidden camera show crew *

After dinner was over, I thought it might be a good idea to bring this sequence of odd exchanges to the attention of the restaurant manager.

After relating the bizarre series of event between the waitress and I to the manager, you’re probably curious as to how he responded… Well here you are…

Manager: “Well she’s new.”

* Note: No apology… Instead, he chalks up (or justifies) this bizarre customer experience with the 2 word response: “She’s new.” *

* I pause for a moment *

Me: “I see… I suppose you are new, too!”

* Greg exits stage right *

Interestingly, the salad was delicious, the crab cakes were fantastic, and the setting was very tasteful and elegant.

Given all that, guess what my lasting memory of this particular evening will be?

Rhetorical question from me to you: “What are your customers blogging about your level of service?”

Customer Experience Matters!