This little exchange actually took place recently as I was leaving a hotel to return to the airport. It’s a classic example of a¬†quintessential comedy (or tragedy) of errors. It is submitted for your reading pleasure.

Hotel “Airport Shuttle” Driver: “Where are you headed?”
Me: “To the airport.”
**10 min. later, as we approach the airport**
Me: “Do you need to know which airline I’m flying on?”
**Note: Newark has 3 different terminals**
Driver: “When I asked you where you were going, you said the airport.”
Me: “Isn’t this the AIRPORT shuttle?”
Driver: “Yes.”
Me: o_O “Doesn’t that mean everyone getting on this shuttle is going to the airport?”
Driver: “Yes, but if you’re going to a specific airline you need to tell us that next time. Otherwise we take you to where we pick people up from the airport.”
Me: o_O “You mean you have a lot of people that get on the airport shuttle just to come to the airport, but aren’t catching flights and/or want to be dropped off where you pick passengers up?”
Driver: “No. Not really.”
Me: o_O “Well, I’m flying on Delta.”
Driver: “So you want me to take you to the Delta Terminal?”
Me: o_O “Yes.”
Driver: “Ok. Next time you should let us know that you want to go to a specific airline.”
Me: “There won’t be a next time.”
**By this time the other passengers on the shuttle are cracking up… and yelling out the names of their airlines**

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