Getting There & Staying There

The People Side of Sustained Operational Excellence

When it comes to sustained operational excellence, GETTING THERE is good. STAYING THERE is better!


Dad From A Distance

How Non-Custodial Fathers Can Still be Fantastic Dads

Initially written to be a strategic guide for non-custodial fathers, “Dad from a Distance” has now become recognized as a powerful tool for any parent whose goal it is forge a stronger, more meaningful relationship with their children.

Dad from a Distance book by Greg Gray


Why So Many Presentations Suck and Yours Don't Have To

Let’s face it – most of us have seen our share of presentations that we were less than impressed with (i.e. they “sucked”). The fact is that most presentations that struggle do so because of a very clear set of avoidable factors. This book will provide you with critical strategies to overcome those factors from one of the best – Greg Gray has given more than a thousand presentations all over the world. Be prepared to get a full toolbox of ideas, strategies, and techniques that will help you become a more confident, more effective presenter!

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